If you’re a shopper, we’d like to ask you a few questions. As a shopper, you’re an important decision maker when it comes to where you spend your time and money for products and services.

Taking just a few minutes to complete this survey will qualify you for some random prize drawings like: 2 tickets to the WORLD SERIES AT MILLER PARK if the Brewers make it - a pair of Green Bay Packers tickets to the game of your choice in 2019 - 1 pair of Minnesota Viking tickets in 2019 to the game of your choice - and a $100 dinner gift card.

This is a brief survey about which businesses are best known in your area. In this survey there are no right or wrong answers. We’ll ask you about various business categories, about products and services that you use or are aware of. We want you to tell us the first business that comes to mind. (If no business comes to mind, skip that question and go on to the next.)

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7 Please list up to three radio stations you listened to this week.

8 What radio station did you listen to most this week?